About the concept


How Do I Thrive was started after being told by so many friends and family that “you should do it this way” only to be disappointed later because you ignored your gut. Have you ever felt deeply dissatisfied even after following all of the “experts” guidance? Yeah, that’s not just a “you” thing.

We also started this website after realizing that many people make the mistake of singularly fixating on one thing which they believe will make them successful. If they achieve that one thing, they believe they will be happy. In reality to really THRIVE in life is much more multi-disciplined and doesn’t only revolve around one thing.

Any idea why?

Once you get that one thing, you will look around and see the rest of your life in  tatters.

 Lastly, we have seen how time and time again people are unwilling to step outside of their comfort zone. This isn’t necessarily bad, but by doing so you miss out on so many other life lessons which could positively impact other areas of your life. Our intent is to bring exposure to facets of life that you may not have even ever considered so that you may gain the relevant learnings to improve your life.

This website focuses on how to build your life the way you want so that you can attempt to THRIVE in as many aspects of your life as you desire. We won’t lie, it is not easy work. But we do know that it is possible, even if you are in a tough spot.

The Founder

Dustin started How Do I Thrive after first going through some major life changes including: starting and ending a startup, switching careers, moving states (and countries) multiple times, and holding a variety of positions from construction worker to engineer. Although each major change was extremely challenging, many life lessons appeared that he noticed many people had either never experienced nor were aware of.

After some of these major life experiences, he noticed a large gap in knowledge and experience in others which prevented people from living a thriving life. After helping a number of his friends he decided to spread this knowledge outward so that many may benefit. He intends to help fill these gaps so that you can start thriving sooner rather than later. 

What we believe


Every single person’s idea of How to Thrive will be different.

This is not something to be disappointed by, but rather it should be celebrated. It is this very reason why culture and languages other than your own can be so enticing and alluring. 

Since everyone will have a different thought on How to Thrive, this means that we can’t possibly tell you how to thrive for your life situation. What we can do though, is review a variety of “life options” which one could pursue to make your life thrive even more.

Even if you don’t see the value of a particular topic, there are lessons baked into each post which will be able to be applied to other parts of your life. If you manage to integrate those lessons successfully, you will no doubt be able to compound your learnings over time. 

We believe that once you hit a certain amount of compounding (much like in saving money), there develops a run-away effect that leads to massive returns. This can help you to massively change your life in ways that you cannot yet predict. Thriving for us, means to be successful in all areas of life including:

Mind & Body

Family & Friends



Language & Culture


We hope that this content will help you to to avoid turning into a: Ebenezer Scrooge,  Body Build Bro, Lab Rat, Yogi, or even a Motorhead. Any one of these characters aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but to singularly focus on one thing sells yourself short in life.

You can be more if you want to, let us show you how.