It’s 7pm on a Tuesday and you look at your personal list of things to do:

  • Laundry
  • Go through the mail
  • Take out the trash
  • You must pay your bills tonight
  • …the bathroom really needs to be cleaned…
  • “oh yeah, I gotta follow up with that job my friend told me about…:
  • “…..I am really starting to get hungry….doesn’t seem like I have any groceries…”


As you reflect on the ever growing list you decide to consult your phone to see if you had anything else that you needed to do tonight. As you open up your calendar you get a message from a friend. You tap on it; it’s a message from your friend:



“Hey! A couple of us are going to get some apps and some drinks tonight, you in?”


Boy it would be nice to go since I haven’t seen my friends in weeks, I am out of food, and just don’t feel motivated to do anything, you say to yourself. Unfortunately, your bank account might have something else to say about what should be done. Not to mention the fact that you have put on a few extra pounds lately and really should be getting a workout in. Appetizers sound mighty fine though…


As you think about what appetizers to get you look up the restaurant name and then click on their Instagram to see what kind of dishes they have. As you scroll through the options something else catches your attention. Before you know it, you are learning about the mountains of New Zealand and finally snap out of it: “What was I looking up again?”


Your friend messages you again:

“Are you coming? We are meeting in 15 min.”


You glance up at the time, “30 minutes have already passed?! How can this be?”



Does your life ever feel like a bad re-run of various flavors of the above scenario?

  • Do you occasionally judge and reflect on the people who you have seemed to have “made it” in their social media accounts and wonder how in the HELL they have done that?!
  • How is there ever time to get anything done? Especially when I get distracted 30 minutes here and 30 minutes there by social media?



Over the last number of years I have been on a quest to understand “what makes people successful?” This nebulous term is hard to understand and further more challenging to break success down into its components. After all, I really wanted to know, “What are they doing different than me that is making them so successful?”.


If you are like me, you maybe started off browsing through various online resources such as Hacker News, a basic google search, or looking through Linkedin. You maybe even stalked a few of your social network connections who happened to make it big to see if you could uncover what they did that enabled their success. If you got really ambitious, you may have even asked some friends, family, or colleagues what they thought made someone successful. As I am sure you encountered, each person who you spoke with had a variety of opinions.


With as many flavors of opinions as people out there, how can one possibly know where to begin? There is so much noise and NEW information all the time it’s exhausting simply to understand which resources one should pay attention to…let alone actually make the effort to continuously absorb the information as fast as it is generated. If you are like me, you might have 100+ (or worse 1,000+) e-mails that you intend to read because you are confident that they have valuable information that you would like to absorb (or you simply don’t want to miss something). Perhaps you go on binges here and there to go through as many emails as you can and absorb as much information as you can. Sometimes you will get a nugget of useful information, but most times you will not.


I started this website to eliminate that pain of locating useful, actionable, and valuable skills that any well-meaning, aspiring successful human being might be seeking. And no, I have no intention to create light, surface level content only to engage your curiosity and waste your time; that’s not fair. With the way that our electronics have now been designed, the Pavlovian dog’s slot machine (aka the cell phone) is very much exhausting most of our mental capacity on the daily.


My desire is to create a high value, high impact environment which reviews only the best of what we know has made successful people of our times.


What did Warren Buffet do on the daily to become so wealthy?

What habits did Ben Franklin adopt to make him such a renaissance man?

Although he lived in a different time, are there evergreen concepts still relevant today?

What about the fabled Elon Musk? Does it really make sense to wake up at 4am to start your day? How can you be sure it makes sense for your life situation?

How do some people give such compelling public speeches while others simply fall on their face?

What do these people do (or what experiences have they gained) which has made them so incredibly successful?


I have set out to capture this information for as much my benefit & reference as it will be for you. The way I see it, if I am not regularly referencing this website for actionable purposes then I am not doing my job, and simply wasting my own time. Therefore, I hope that you find my research and efforts of use; and I highly encourage you to participate in the conversations at the end of each article as it is only through thoughtful discussion that we may all advance together as a human society.

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